SK-II x NiNi

Art Direction
Product Design

In the summer and fall of '16, I had a great opportunity to work with SK-II to art direct a social campaign.  One of SK-II's key ambassador is Ni Ni, a popular actress & model from China. We created a series of mini videos for social channels featuring a range of SK-II's key products but also highlighting her charming, cat-loving, fun personality.

Since we were working with an international team, it was crucial for us to communicate every scene in a visual way. It proved to be super helpful to have an illustrated script to communicate to Ni Ni and her team to communicate small nuances of how every product needs to be applied. 

We created a longer video for Youtube, but also created a bite-size contents featuring specific products for WeChat and Instagram. 

Creative Director: Tiffany Pan
Strategy & Writer: Teddy Phuong
Director: Charles Mehling